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This is one of the few films that motivated me to go to the cinema this year (so far). Had me going through so many feelings. A very clever satire. The family sub-plots touched me so much.

Come to think of it, the underlying theme which could only work in America is how paying for hospital bills is such a grave (and manufactured) problem. I remember seeing a viral tweet years ago about if Breaking Bad was set to be in the UK, then it would be 5 mins long. Walter would go to hospital and just get treated (not entirely true, but works for the comedic effect)

One of my favourite scenes was from the judging panel when Thelonius has the long chat/argument with Sintara, about who it is they are both actually trying to please. It’s a conflict that anyone must feel when you are trying to make a career from creative work, and how intensely you must feel pressure to stay true to yourself.

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