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  • Stop, Look, and Listen: A digest of articles and podcasts (and occasionally programmes and films) that I’ve found engaging and insightful over the past week. I also maintain a regular record of all these in the ‘Notes’ section of my website.

  • One Take: A series of posts analysing the politics of a film currently showing at the cinemas.

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  • Research and Reflections: A series consisting of pieces based on my ongoing academic research, as well as on my musings on and responses to current affairs and personal developments.

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  • Rewound: A series of posts analysing an object or episode from cultural or political history.

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Culture and politics from a contemporary historian‘s perspective. Film analyses and digests of recommended reading and listening. Analyses of historical objects and events for paid subscribers.


Modern and contemporary historian of Britain and the wider world. Focus on conflict and violence; geographies and environments; ideologies, politics, and culture; lifecycles and memory.